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  firstly... this site is named after a friend of mine, ivana, who you can reach as death-the-crow @, hence the name of this site! thankyou ivana! for allowing me to use this name :-)

"when people die, a crow takes their soul to the land beyond, but if that person died not by natural causes, a crow can bring that soul back to make wrong things right." - anon

“abashed the devil stood, and felt how awful goodness is, and saw virtue in her shape how lovely” - john milton

to view this site correctly you need a font called mael, which you can get here this is The Crow font.


27th November 2007
Erich has found sources for scripts of the first three films which i have put on the links page, cheers Erich! anyone have copies of the script for Wicked Prayer or any of the fan films? /pete

25th November 2007
well... i thought i would have a go at writing a review of Purgatory i+ii. please email me with any info that is either missing or incorrect! /pete

23nd November 2007
much as i hate the film, City Of Angels arrived in the post today. i still found the acting of Judah Earl and Sybil very one sided and very over-acted, but surprisingly i actually enjoyed the film as a whole and watched it twice! i had to own it on dvd to complete my collection. i previously only owned it on video. expect a review very soon. /pete

22nd November 2007
WANTED! any info on Wings of The Crow. does this film actually exist? has anyone seen it? please tell me!!!! /pete

21st November 2007
i just had a message from the director of Devil's Night saying: "just waiting for the CGI work to get finished and then we can post the full film out - si" so we should be able to see more soon! /pete

20th November 2007
huzzah! Purgatory II has arrived on DVD in the post! expect a review very soon! /pete

18th November 2007
i've started a page on brandon lee, because of course no site about the crow would be complete without one... if it wasn't for his acting in that film this site wouldn't be here anyway! for now there is just a photo gallery there. i've also added small photo galleries for Salvation and Wicked Prayer /pete

17th November 2007
i've just rewatched The Crow: Salvation and written a synopsis which includes all important quotes from the film. do not read if you haven't seen the film yet! i'm just about to chillout and watch the film properly now! :-) /pete

16th November 2007
i've put a new fan films menu item on the left as this is one of my main interests at the moment, creating pages with information on any Crow film that has been made. if anyone knows of any that i don't know about please contact me. also checkout some cool youtube videos of another fanfilm which is still in production... Devil's Night... which is looking very good! /pete

14th November 2007
huzzah! DESCIPLE (writer/director of the Purgatory series) has offered to post me a copy of Purgatory II on DVD, wow! expect a review and screenshots, etc, on the Purgatory II page as soon as i can! /pete

13th November 2007
i've just started using the mael true type font for some headings, it is The Crow font. also making the headings red adds a bit of colour to what is otherwise a pretty dark and monochrome site! you can download it here. to install under windows open the fonts option in the control panel, then select add fonts. under linux copy it to /usr/share/font or in a directory called .fonts in your home directory. /pete

12th November 2007
i wanted to convert The Crow: Purgatory into an mpeg to watch on my tv. turns out that it wasn't quite as simple as it should have been, not really sure why, but you want to try it i have put some instructions here. it's very good! you really should watch it! a friend erich has solved the problem of The Crow (2000). it turns out that the "student film" is also known as James O'Barr's The Crow! /pete

11th November 2007
i've just ordered a crow student film and am currently downloading a fan film called the crow: purgatory. also i've just heard of a film called Wings Of The Crow, it has an entry on imdb but noone seems to have ever seen it!? is this crow vapourware! if anyone knows anything about it could they email me! cheers! /pete ...and what the hell is this!?!?

10th November 2007
i am watching the crow: salvation for the 4th time in 2 days! damn this is a good film! /pete

9th November 2007
The Crow: Salvation turned up in the post today! so right now i am watching it for the very first time! :-) and now i am watching it again! (and again!) yep... three times in a row, a great film! /pete

9th November 2007
i'm re-watching Stairway to Heaven and writing a short synopsis of each episode. /pete

9th November 2007
i've just finished watching Stairway to Heaven wow! this is the best thing the original film! /pete

6th November 2007
i've just joined The Crow Webring so maybe other people will find this site sometime! /pete

5th November 2007
there are already loads of really great websites online about the-crow, i just wanted to have someplace to write down my thoughts about the films and tv series and collect links to other crow sites. two weekends ago i watched the-crow 8 times in a row - so i think that makes me a fan (or just a bit nuts...). so if anything, this website is just for me! i didn't even know about the tv series until last month, which turns out is not long after it was released on DVD! i am watching that now. and here is where i got the background image from, cheers crowfans!. anyone into goth rock and the crow must see this video ! thankyou iv! so far the only real content is links to other sites and youtube on the media page. more later... /pete

30th October 2007 - Devil's Night
this was the night that i realised that i had to start my own Crow website, though i am actually writing this entry on 17th november. it took me a few days to get the domain name sorted out and the web hosting. /pete

"Because we don't know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens a certain number of times, and a very small number, really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, some afternoon that's so deeply a part of your being that you can't even conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four or five times more. Perhaps not even that. How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless."

For Brandon and Eliza Ever Joined in True Love's Beauty

"victims, aren't we all..."

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